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Lawyers should always be at your side, not when you just need it

 One of the common problems encountered by foreign-funded enterprises in the Philippines is with regard to the labor problem. Generally, the enterprise would only anxiously find a lawyer when the problem occurs and rushes him to offer the best legal remedy, which may result in a negative effect on the company. In fact, we can make enterprises grow in a healthier environment.

Prevention is better than crisis remedy

Legal risk is the biggest potential risk in the growth of enterprises, because behind the law is the national sanction or protection mechanism, and sometimes the troubles encountered may not be borne by enterprises. The duty of legal consultants is to eliminate the possibility of trouble for business owners in advance, guide enterprises to establish correct legal risk management, and play a role in consulting and risk prediction.

The lawyer that knows you best

With the long-term partnership with the company, the legal consultant will fully understand the status of the company, from internal management to external operations, and can give the company more accurate and reliable advice than a lawyer who is found for temporary needs. In addition to the above-mentioned labor issues, a company would grow and expand as time grows, no matter this is expanding the size or have future partnerships. The legal consultant can give pros and cons analysis and negotiation of rights and obligations, playing an absolute role in reducing risks.


Because of their professionalism and the characteristics of judicial personnel granted by the state, lawyers can assist companies and partners in negotiations, making the other party be more cautious, scrupulous, and not dare to breach the contract at will. Having a legal consultant also means that the company has legal awareness and foresight, which can not only improve credibility but also enhance corporate image.

"Go talk to my lawyer"

In American series or dramas, you can often see the lead character or the bosses saying this in an assertive way. And true to it, this is one of the importance to have legal counsel for you or the company. Lawyers can become representatives of the company, provide legal remedies on troubles encountered, and represent the owner when dealing with said issues.

Many of you would agree that hiring or getting legal counsel is good, but the cost would be too expensive. But, if you could afford to hire an employee, you could definitely afford to hire a legal consultant. Because they are not your direct rank-and-file employees, thus you don’t need to worry about benefits expenses. It can be said that hiring legal counsel is the investment with the highest rate of return.

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