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Our Chief counsel has received various academic honors and has more than 15 years of experience as a lawyer. He has been in various government posts, as well as academe of well-known colleges. We assure you to provide the best professional legal services in the market.

Our vast experience would help us provide our clients with full-field and multi-level consulting services, this would not only lower their risk but also provide them safety and peace of mind, with professional daily legal consultation.

A subsidiary of GDS Capital Inc, and sister company of PDMN. We could provide the best trilingual (English, Filipino, and Chinese) legal services that are offered in the market. 

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How serious are the consequences of harassing someone in the Philippines?

When facing harassment, At the same time, we should neither become perpetrators nor victims, No matter the occasion, method, gender, age and a series of other factors, Be brave and say no!

Law Firm

Intercountry Marriage - The Importance of Prenuptial Agreements

In recent years, the number of Chinese-Filipino unions has gradually increased. However, cross-border marriages will face more challenges due to the different levels of education and upbringing of the two parties.

Law Firm

Want to buy a used car in the Philippines? These tips will protect you from fraud!

There are many unknowns that can be involved when buying a used car in the Philippines, but by making careful and informed decisions, you can reduce potential risks and get a reliable vehicle.

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